Me109 G6 Ilmavoimat 1944 Decals

D32001 1/32 SCALE - Decals for the Me109G6 Ilmavoimat 1943-44 with full colour instructions

D32001 1/32 SCALE -

Finland was probably the most successful user of theGustav, with 633 confirmed victories for the loss of only 32 aircraft in combat, achieving an incredible kill ratio of 1:20.7

With full colour instructions and an outline history of the Me109G6 in Finnish service.

Hyperscale's review says Six interesting subjects; perfect registration; minimal carrier film; Finnish-language stencils included; mix of tall tails/standard tails, trop and non trop, and frames or Erla Haube equipped aircraft.

As with all German fighters of the time, Finnish G6s were delivered in the classical daytime 3 colours camouflage with ferry codes on fuselage sides and under the wings. On arrival these codes were painted over using the corresponding German paints, and Finnish swastikas, codes, stencils and eastern front IDs applied.