Based in Derbyshire, England, Model Design Construction (MDC) was founded in 1994 by Bob Brown with the aim of providing quality aftermarket products and accessories for modellers mainly in resin, but also in etch brass and decals. 

The first item to make the MDC name was undoubtedly the Fairey Swordfish, which was researched and mastered by Brian Fawcett (of Models and Patterns, also in Derbyshire) and set a new standard for research, detail, precision, materials and casting quality in the resin market. This kit was designed for the advanced modeller, as was acknowledged in the reviews it received from the modelling press, such as Scale Aviation Modeller International's review by David Batt which reflected his amazement at the over 400 separate parts. 

Rising out of this success Model Design Construction (MDC) developed a sub-contract casting service which allows Bob to develop the potential of resin as a material for modellers, always exploring new materials and systems and considering their uses for the modeller. As a result, we have become leaders in this field. For example, characteristic of our models, the minimal sprue on our parts are unmatched, so far, anywhere in the industry. In addition a number of our items include clear resin canopies or flexible resin aerials in black material that has a rubber-like finish. 

When Tamiya issued their version of the Stringbag, this item was withdrawn, amid some glory since it surely influenced Tamiya to extend their range and also quality. 

MDC deepened its focus on the provision of detail and correction sets, including ongoing development of new subjects and broadening the range of items we supply. 

These now include Decals, Etch Brass, tools, and, recently, a range of accessories from Mr Hobby, including the Mr Hobby Aqueous Colour. We can supply the Mr Hobby to customers in the UK ONLY. 

Masters continue to be supplied by Brian, who has developed a range of British subjects over the years such as the Mosquito, Seafire and Typhoon and also German items for Junkers. His work has been joined by that of Vincent Kermorgant, a Breton working in Finland where he finds ample source material to support his passion for Luftwaffe subjects such as Messerschmit or FockeWulf. 

The 1:48 scale base that began our range, has been extended to include 1:32 and 1:24 scale items. 

Between them, Bob, Brian and Vincent must now have have about 100 years experience of modelling, increasingly backed up by research and development in the subjects, the materials and processes that generate MDC's products.