Rivet maker 1/32

E32005 1/32 SCALE - Rivet maker to add rivet detail for 32nd scale subjects.

E32005 Rivet maker

includes instructions, template, guide, 2 punches

For a video of Brett Green's tutorial , click - here

Replic February 2005 says - MDC has developed a clever kit in order to realistically reproduce aircraft flush rivets, instead of drilled holes. I have tried this little piece of clever equipement, a wooden handle which can receive 2 sizes of steel rods with hollow ends. A light pressure followed by a twist will create a perfect flush rivet. A stronger pressure will create a raised rivet, giving an incredible realistic result. MDC also provides photoetched guides allowing perfect spacing. MDC recommends the tool for 1/32nd scale but the smaller bit could easily be used for some areas on 1/48th a/c.

A really well designed tool, of good workmanship, which will probably become unavoidable to enhance the realism of your models. Highly commended !