FW190D Exterior

CV48044 : Focke Wulf 190D Exterior 1/48 SCALE - Nose, Props, Wheel (smooth and treaded) & cowl'

CV48044 : Focke Wulf 190D Exterior 1/48 SCALE -

Propellor assembly (Nose, Props, hubs), wheel hub assembly (wheels - treaded & smooth -, and inner & outer hubs) & correct cowl, in resin : compatible with CV48043 & CV48045

Tony Oliver, of Hyperscale said - Superb casting; impeccible research; accurate; comprehensive; cleanup and assembly should be a breeze. ? [for example] prop blades which have trailing edges so wafer thin you could cut paper with them

....The wheels are supplied with tread and as smooth tyres but have one set of common inserts, these fit so well that you don?t need adhesive, likewise the upper cowling fits the kit component perfectly.

As on all of MDC?s 190 sets there is little or no flash and minimal casting stubs which makes cleaning up and assembly a breeze.