Me109 G 3 Part Canopy

CV32007 Me109 G 3 Part Canopy 1/32 scale - 9 pieces including luggage compartment hatch and clear resin handles

CV32007 Me109 G 3 Part Canopy 1/32 scale -

7 grey resin and 2 clear resin parts.

The luggage compartment hatch included in this set represents the main and late style hatch, the early style hatch is included in the kit itself (kit part M24). Bernd Willmer on Hyperscale Highly recommends this set :

Beautiful quality casting; detailed and accurate. Clear resin handels for sliding canopy windows.

This very nice set adds a lot of details to Bf 109Gs equipped with the standard '3-part-canopy'

A very nice touch is the clear resin handles that were attached to the sliding plexiglas windows of the canopy.